ROSE, Okla. – Cherokee Nation is honoring the life of the late Cherokee spiritual leader Crosslin Smith in the newest exhibit at the Saline Courthouse Museum.

“Crosslin Smith: The Healer’s Journey” opens May 14 and runs through Sept. 14.

Smith was a revered elder recognized as a Cherokee National Treasure in 2020 for his lifelong dedication to preserving the Cherokee language.

“Crosslin was a revered elder of the Cherokee people, as he connected the legacy of our ancestors with a devoted dedication to spiritualism that shined like a beacon for all who knew him,” said Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. “This special exhibit honors his life, influence and the profound cultural knowledge he preserved for future generations.”

Work on the exhibit began prior to Smith’s passing in February 2024 and was completed this spring with assistance from his family.

Often found giving blessings at Cherokee Nation events, Smith led in prayers and teachings, bridging the ancestral past to Cherokee Nation today. He was a traditionalist and healer, following in the footsteps of his grandfather, Redbird Smith, bringing “the old ways” into the 21st century.

The exhibit includes pieces demonstrating Smith’s pride of military service and his dedication to education. It also includes books and objects that tell the story of his commitment to keep Cherokee traditional spirituality alive for future generations.  

Smith was featured in season 4 of “Osiyo, Voices of the Cherokee People,” which can be viewed at  

The Saline Courthouse Museum is the last of nine original Cherokee district courthouses still standing today and hosts exhibits, artists showcases and special events throughout the year.

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